Tag Cloud

Simple usage

  • replace above {} brackets with square [] ones

using attributes

{wp_tag_cloud smallest=8 largest=16}
  • replace above {} brackets with square [] ones

possible attributes and default

    'smallest'                  => 8, 
    'largest'                   => 22,
    'unit'                      => 'pt', 
    'number'                    => 45,  
    'format'                    => 'flat',
    'separator'                 => \"\n\",
    'orderby'                   => 'name', 
    'order'                     => 'ASC',
    'exclude'                   => null, 
    'include'                   => null, 
    'topic_count_text_callback' => default_topic_count_text,
    'link'                      => 'view', 
    'taxonomy'                  => 'post_tag', 

for more information see WordPress documentation

source: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Documentation:CLF_Advanced_WordPress_Theme/wp_tag_cloud
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One response to “Tag Cloud”

  1. nrogic

    Can we extend this to allow to have tag cloud limited to (two cases):
    – specific categories – attribute: categories=name1,name2 and/or notcategory=name1,name2
    – specific tag show cloud where specific tag(s) exist – attribute: tag=tag1,tag2 and/or nottag1=tag1,tag2

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