Add from network

By enabling the “Add multiple users from Network” plugin you can add users from your ‘network’.
Your ‘network’ of sites is a list of sites that you are a user for.

This feature is handy if you are migrating users from one site to another, especially in the scenario where you are migrating to the new Collab theme CLF.

One of the benefits of this method (over the ‘invite’ method), is that the user does not have to accept the email invite in order to be added to the site – as this plugin does not send out invites. Instead, the user is immediately added to your site.

This feature is pretty easy to use:
1) enable plugin
2) go to Users > Add from Network
3) select the site you want to transfer users from
4) proceed

* this does not REMOVE any users – it merely adds them to another site, so they will still remain users of the ‘from’ site

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