Slideshow shortcode

The [slideshow] shortcode is used to make Spotlight Rotation appear anywhere in your site.

By default Spotlight Rotation is set to appear on the Frontpage, however you can insert it on any page by using a shortcode:

[slideshow width="560" height="300"] 

(Note: width and height parameters correspond to image width and size).


  • width="pixel dimesions"
  • height="pixel dimesions"
  • category="category slug"
  • lookandfeel="Type of slideshow to use. Possible values include: standard, gallery, blank, multi, transparent, basic-sliding (See How to insert Spotlight rotation in a page for the look-and-feel previews)"
  • maxslides="Number of slides"
  • timeout="Number of seconds between slides"
  • speed="Speed of slide transition in miliseconds"
  • effect= Type of transition effect. Possible values include: fade, growX, scrollHorz, turnLeft, uncover"
  • slider_margin="true/false"
  • slider_remove_link_to_image="true/false"
  • read_more_text="Default - Read More - Change to customize"
  • order_by="date,title"
  • order="asc, desc"
  • remove_link_to="true/false"

Sample Shortcodes:

[slideshow width="560" height="300" category="spotlight" lookandfeel="gallery"]
[slideshow width="560" height="300" category="news" lookandfeel="multi" timeout="5"]
Sample Slideshow Shortcode
The slideshow on the page

For additional information on how to add or update spotlight images to posts, please refer to sample instructions provided by the UBC Library at


6 responses to “Slideshow shortcode”

  1. jpagnott

    Are these shortcodes still valid? When I use this I don’t seem to have any control of the size of the slideshow. The height and width parameters are ignored. Also, the slideshow navigation controls and the white divider line to the left of the controls are not aligned properly.

  2. jpagnott

    Is there a way to control the height and width of the slideshow?

  3. jpagnott

    If we don’t want the slideshow items to link to anything, how do we accomplish that?

  4. Yvonne Chan

    One of my users wants to re-order the posts; she thought there used to be a way to change the order of the images rotating at without changing the date(s) of the posting(s).

    Can someone clarify how to re-order the posts please?

  5. hugo tello

    Hi, why the height and width aren’t working? Also, how can I position the slider in the center for instance? Lastly, in the lookandfeel=”transparent” mode – how can I cange the color, position, size, and eliminate the title in the transparent side-box?

  6. mitchell wynkoop

    The slideshow no longer seems capable of utilizing posts that feature text. When I use a category slug for posts that do not use images, I am met with a grey box showing the text, “800×200,” instead of showing the posts as they appeared on the previous theme. Are there new requirements or a hack that may be used to facilitate adding the text to the slideshow?

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