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Get Started

Starting a new site or migrating your site to UBC CMS. Learn more about the service offer. Learn more

Customize My Site

Update the theme options to fit your site. A little customization can get you a long way.Learn more

Adding Content

Add and maintain your content. Include rich media such as video and images.Learn more

Create a Site Structure

Make your content navigable and findable, by building a site structure that is easy to use.Learn more

Adding Functionality

Add functionality to your site. These include forms, plugins, social channels, etc.Learn more

Managing Users

Add users to help build your site. Learn more

Final Steps: Going Live

Ready to go live? This is what you need to know. Learn more

CMS Manual

Get access to the entire CMS manual right here. Learn more

About CMS

At its simplest, CMS is an acronym for a “content management system”. But inherent within a CMS, there is more – CMS is not only about a system or piece of software, it’s also about a Strategy and about Services.

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