Display Links by Category

The Display Links by Category plugin allows users to display links (set up through the Dashboard -> Links feature) by category through custom fields.

Set Up

  1. Enable the plugin (enabling plugins)
  2. Go to the page/post where you'd like to place your links/blogroll
  3. Make sure that Custom Fields are visible (on the edit page or post page click on the "Screen Options" in the top right and make sure "Custom Fields" is checked off)
  4. Under CUstom fields click on the enter new link
  5. Enter an ID in the "Name" field - the plugin uses the ID "display_links" as a default
  6. Enter the category name of the links you'd like to display in the "Value" field
  7. Click on the "Add Custom Field" button
  8. Enter the following shortcode into the post content area or the widget area you prefer: [links_by_cat field_id="(ID previously entered in Name field goes here)"]
    • Note that if you used "display_links" in the Name field, you do not need to enter the "field_id" parameter in the shortcode and can simply do: [links_by_cat]


The shortcode also supports many other parameters for ordering and structuring your links. All parameters on the list (except "category") found on the following page are available: "Display Links by Category" parameters

Other parameter examples:

[links_by_cat orderby="rating"] -- This is an example using the "orderby" parameter from the list. The links will be ordered by their rating when the parameter is set to "rating".

source: https://wiki.ubc.ca/Documentation:UBC_Content_Management_System/Plugins/Display_Links_by_Category

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