We don't recommend uploading videos to your site as UBC CMS is not a hosting service; however, embedding videos from other sources such as YouTube is a good alternative.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that YouTube is a US service.

The following sections will explain how to set up and embed your videos using YouTube:

Uploading to YouTube

Many UBC department/units have their own UBC YouTube Accounts. Additionally, UBC has a YouTube channel that lets you upload unlimited amount of data - in other words you are not limited to 10 min long videos.

Please refer to the following on How to upload a video to YouTube EDU

Embedding a YouTube video to a page or post

WordPress supports oEmbed just enter the URL to the YouTube Video and magic will happen. That is,

  1. in your web browser, open the YouTube video you want to embed
  2. copy the video URL (similar to from the browser's address bar
  3. edit the page, post, or widget on which you want to embed the video, and paste the URL
  4. optional: you can clean up the video’s URL by deleting any characters after and including an ampersand
  5. Save!

Other services supported by WordPress oEmbed include:

Using Custom Fields With Embed Code:

Before you can use custom fields, you have to make sure that the "Conditional Custom Fields Shortcode" plugin is enabled (How do I enable plugins?).

Once you've enabled custom fields, they will be available on the Edit/Add New Page and Edit/Add New Post pages (if you they are still not visible, check that their visibility is enabled in the "Screen Options" drop-down tab at the top of the page).

Embedding videos with custom fields is the same as embedding Google Maps with custom fields; therefore, please refer to the "Embedding Through Custom Fields" section of this page for more information on using custom fields.


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