Guide: Importing Redirections

Export Process

  • go to dashboard > tools > redirection > modules
  • under WordPress module, select 'XML'

save the page as an XML file (as it doesn't automatically download) -do this by right-clicking anywhere on the page, and selecting 'save as...'


  • XML file exports the most amount of fields
  • CSV looses a few fields, as does the other methods
  • The only field that the XML file doesn't include is the 'Title' field

Import Process

  • Go to the new site where the redirects will be imported into
  • make sure the 'Redirection' plugin is activated

  • go to dashboard > tools > redirection > options
  • under 'Import' -locate your file, and import into 'Redirections' category
  • hit 'upload'
  • go to modules (dashboard > tools > redirection > modules)

you'll see that it's created a new module, like: WordPress imported on Apr 02 2013 at 18:21

assuming the current site had no previous redirects, perform the following:

1) under modules, delete the 'WordPress' module (operations > delete) under dashboard > tools > redirection > modules

2) rename the 'WordPress imported on Apr 02 2013 at 18:21' (as example) module to 'WordPress' (operations > edit). hit save

3) to confirm, go to the redirects page -and you'll see the imported redirects under dashboard > tools > redirection


Don't forget to either:

1) delete the redirects on the old site, or

2) make the old site offline

Also, you'll need to confirm that the original redirects were setup as '' and not '' (or with the extension)


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